[Left to Right] Mr. Richard Kendall – Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder – Commissioner Ray Kelly – Governor Tom Ridge. (Photo by noa grayevsky/Getty Images)


Governor Tom Ridge [L[ with Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder (Photo by noa grayevsky/Getty Images)


Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder was honored Monday night  April 23, 2018 at the Plaza Hotel in New York by the Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation, receiving its Lifetime Achievement Award.

Former New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly praised Lauder, saying he has “a profound commitment to public service.” “Ronald has dedicated his life to helping other people,” Kelly said, “and he’s never wavered in his staunch support for law enforcement.”

“Even as we face challenges and threats like never before,” Ambassador Lauder said addressing federal agents past and present, and their families, “America is with you.”

“Our nation is in your debt,” said Lauder, “and we will not take you for granted.”

Mr. Lauder, who served in the Pentagon and as U.S. Ambassador to Austria during the Reagan Administration, has been President of the World Jewish Congress since 2007.