Jews will not live in fear and will not tolerate antisemitism, World Jewish Congress president Ronald S. Lauder said Monday.

In a statement delivered at a rally in Pittsburgh, Lauder said that the WJC has noticed a worrisome trend of growing antisemitism and hatred over the last 20 years.

“We have seen it boiling just beneath the surface. And.. our worst fears were realized,” Lauder said. “Today, we mourn. But Jews and all people of good conscience must speak out and say: Enough! We will not tolerate antisemitism. We will not allow our fellow Jews to live in danger. We will not live in fear. This stops now.”

Jews across the globe, Lauder said, stand with the Jewish community of Pittsburgh in its time of need.

“As president of the World Jewish Congress, I’ve received condolences from almost 80 Jewish communities across the globe,” he said. “That solidarity, that unity, that sense of shared loss, is a powerful reminder that we are one people. From the most religious to the most secular, from liberal to conservative, we are one people.”

Originally posted by The Jerusalem Post. 

Photo credit: Alexi Rosenfeld